How the online loan is calculated

How the online loan is calculated

The urgent need for liquidity to resolve an unforeseen event or to face a non-postponable expense must not make us lose sight of the importance of carefully evaluating the financing proposals and proceeding to a calculation of the installment of an accurate loan with regard to durations, rates applied , additional charges. For example, a very low monthly payment can attract because it has little effect on the family budget, but over-splitting the repayment and prolonging the time can greatly increase the total costs due to interest and any installment collection fees.

For this reason, the online loan estimate is essential to make the difference in the total costs of the loan and to adapt the installment to the actual availability, with a compromise between sustainability of the monthly commitment and general convenience of the operation. Online loans, such as those proposed by Astrofinance, Consel or InDirect, make it possible to minimize the management costs of the case, starting from the preliminary investigation, an appreciable saving in the minimum difference between TAN and APR, that is between the Nominal Rate and the Global one, including expenses.

To calculate the costs of the online loan through a comparator like that offered by, simply enter the desired amount, the support bank that you intend to use for the repayment, the use and the net monthly income. You will then need to indicate your personal data and report if you already have funding in progress or insolvency problems in the past. All this information allows you to direct the customer towards tailor-made offers, from which you can choose based on the rates and conditions agreed.

The online calculation allows you to already take into account not only the cost of interest but also stamp duty, installment payment, investigation costs, possible insurance costs, expenses for periodic communications between the bank and the customer. Not all of these expense items are always provided, sometimes they are reset to promotional or default, there remains only to verify it.


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